Our business principles

Moreld Ocean Wind seeks to ensure that we operate in an environmentally sound manner, as well as ethically, responsibly, and profitably in everything we do. In the assessment and selection of new and existing business lines, we integrate consideration of environmental, social, and ethical issues, including climate issues.

Moreld Ocean Wind is certified by DNV for both Quality (ISO 9001) and Environmental (ISO 14001) management systems.

Moreld Ocean Wind aims to be transparent regarding all issues covered by these principles. Moreld Ocean Wind is part of the Moreld Group and follows the same sustainability principles as the group. Along with the Supplier Declaration, the Business principles for suppliers and partners form the basis of all Moreld Ocean Wind’s business cooperations.

Business principles for suppliers and partners:

Moreld Ocean Wind Transparency Act: 

From 2023, Moreld Ocean Wind will publish an annual account of our due diligence assessment to comply with the Norwegian Transparency act that enter into force on July 1. 2023:

Transparency Act – Declaration 2022